HCI Seminar: Exuberant Systems: Game Design Against Climate Catastrophe, HeatherKelley, Carnegie Mellon University

HCI Seminar

Title: Exuberant Systems: Game Design Against Climate Catastrophe
Speaker: Heather Kelley, Carnegie Mellon University
Date: May 20
Time: 11:00am
Event link: http://hci.st/547zoom

After twenty-five years of creating candid and lighthearted play around such diverse themes as museum architecture, disability justice, and female orgasm, Heather Kelley's attention and efforts have recently turned to the fundamental challenge of our lifetimes: climate change. In this talk, Kelley reviews some of her previous work incorporating a variety of uniquely expressive techniques, and then proposes how we as interactive designers can engage with this most pressing issue, the  vulnerability of our ecosystem. For indeed, what work is more meaningful than supporting an exuberant future worth living in?

Heather Kelley (@PerfectPlum) is an award-winning game designer, media artist, and curator. She is a founder of the experimental game collective Kokoromi, with whom she produced and curated the renowned GAMMA events from 2006 to 2010, promoting experimental games as creative expression in a social context. In 2016 Kokoromi released the retrofuturistic VR puzzle game SUPERHYPERCUBE. Ms. Kelley was named by Fast Company magazine as one of 2011's thirty most influential women in technology. In 2012, she co-curated Joue le jeu, a groundbreaking 5000 m2 exhibition of video games and commissioned play installations in Paris, France. Ms. Kelley's extensive career in game development has included design and production of touchscreen vibrator controllers, AAA next-gen console games, interactive smart toys, mobile and handheld games, research games, installation games, and web communities for girls. In 2015 she became Assistant Teaching Professor in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Friday, May 20, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm