Uber Freight Info Session

<p><strong>Please join Uber for an all-school event highlighting the workof Uber Freight!</strong></p><p>This will be a Zoom event opento all on Tuesday, September 14 from 4-5pm PST.</p><p>To register, please go to&nbsp;<strong><a href="http://t.uber.com/leadingpanel">t.uber.com/leadingpanel</a></strong>.</p... is an app that matches carriers with shippers. Shippers tap a button toinstantly book the loads they want to haul. And thanks to upfront pricing,carriers always know how much they’ll get paid- it's tech meets trucking.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>UberFreight - moving what matters when it matters most.</strong></p><p>Thisevent will feature three changemakers in the freight industry:</p><p><em>Minji Lee, Manager II, Data Science</em></p><p>MinjiLee is a data science manager at Uber Freight where she leads a group ofapplied and data scientists responsible for developing algorithms forall-things-pricing. Prior to Uber Freight she managed data teams at KeepTruckinand was also a former data scientist at Uber (boomeranged back after almost 3years). Before getting into the tech industry, she worked at the World Bank asan associate statistician.</p><p><br><em>MohiniThakkar, Engineering Manager</em></p><p>Mohiniis an Engineering Manager in the Carrier Experience group within Uber Freight,managing a full stack Product team working on 3 different stacks (backend, web,mobile). She started her journey at Uber Freight as a backend engineer andtransitioned to management as she found more joy in scaling the organization.Passionate about Team Culture, she has been a fierce advocate for genderdiversity &amp; inclusion and been a Women at Uber Freight Lead since itsinception in 2018. Before Uber, she worked at Yelp for 4 years and holds aMasters in Computer Science with a specialization in Interactive Intelligencefrom Georgia Tech.</p><p><br>Dom Narducci, Staff Software Engineer</p><p>Dom isa Staff Software Engineer at Uber Freight, serving on the Carrier Experienceteam. With just over eleven years at Uber, he's Uber's longest tenured employeeand long-time UberFreight engineer. His role has driven impact through the mostauthentic methods.</p><p>*Notethat a Zoom link will be sent out to registered attendees an hour before theevent.</p><p>Welook forward to seeing you there!</p>

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm