Stanford Theory Group

Stanford Theory Group

The development and analysis of algorithms for a variety of settings and applications. Major directions include Complexity Theory, Cryptography, Algorithmic Game Theory, Geometric Algorithms, algorithmic techniques for internet applications, various aspects of network and computer security, databases, design and analysis of programs and programming languages, and supporting studies in combinatorial, logical, and algebraic mathematics.

Faculty Profile

Name Faculty Title Research Focus
Nima Anari Assistant Professor Theory
Dan Boneh Professor Computer Security

Adam Bouland Assistant Professor Theory
Moses Charikar Professor Theory
Don Knuth Emeritus Professor Theory
Serge Plotkin Emeritus Professor Theory
Vaughan Pratt Emeritus Professor Theory
Omer Reingold Professor Theory
Aviad Rubinstein Assistant Professor Theory
Aaron Sidford Assistant Professor Theory
Li-Yang Tan Assistant Professor Theory
Jeff Ullman Emeritus Professor Data Science

Gregory Valiant Associate Professor Theory
Ellen Vitercik Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Statistical or Theoretical Machine Learning

Mary Wootters Assistant Professor Theory