Axioms and Hulls

by Donald E. Knuth (Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 1992), ix+109pp.
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no. 606.)
ISBN 3-540-55611-7
Chinese translation by Su Yunlin (Jiang Xi Science and Technology Press), in preparation.

Presents efficient algorithms for finding convex hulls and Delaunay triangulations in generalizations of Euclidean space called CC systems (``counter clockwise systems'') and CCC systems. The underlying theme is a philosophy of algorithm design based on simple primitive operations that satisfy clear and concise axioms. Chapter 15, ``Parsimonious algorithms,'' is of independent interest.

Available from the publisher, Springer Verlag, Inc.. An electronic version of the text (but not all the illustrations) can also be downloaded as a compressed plain TeX file. You can also download all the programs I wrote for this book.


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