Companion to the Papers of Donald Knuth

(Stanford, California: Center for the Study of Language and Information, 2011), xiii+441 pages.
(CSLI Lecture Notes, no. 202.)
ISBN 9781575866353 (cloth), 9781575866345 (paperback)
French translation of chapters 3–19 by Patrick Cégielski, Knuth par Knuth (Stanford, California: Center for the Study of Language and Information, 2020), xvi+210 pages; ISBN 9781684000586 (paperback)

This book contains a combined index to the series of eight volumes that contains archival forms of Donald Knuth's papers. It also contains a definitive bibliography, together with a number of previously unpublished works. In particular, the transcripts of ten lunchtime conversations about Knuth's overall life as a computer scientist, conducted in the summer of 1996 by Dikran Karagueuzian, are included.

Here's the table of contents:

  1. Problems [Q16, Q34, ...]
  2. Solutions [Q57x, Q61x, ...]
  3. Teach Calculus with Big O [Q171x]
  4. Writing [R4x]
  5. Memories of Andrei Ershov [Q115]
  6. Theory and Practice and Fun
  7. Conversations, 1996: Prizes and Choices
  8. Conversations, 1996: Printing
  9. Conversations, 1996: Life
  10. Conversations, 1996: Printing (Continued)
  11. Conversations, 1996: Travel
  12. Conversations, 1996: Why Computer Science?
  13. Conversations, 1996: Work Habits and Problem Solving
  14. Conversations, 1996: Getting Started
  15. Conversations, 1996: Programming and Languages
  16. Conversations, 1996: Artificial Intelligence, Students, Retirement
  17. Conversations, 1996: Accidents, Planning, Naming
  18. Curriculum Vitæ
  19. Books and their Translations
  20. Annotated List of Papers
  21. Alphabetical Index of Titles
  22. Combined Index

This book can be ordered from the publisher (CSLI), and also from the distributor (University of Chicago Press).

In my view [the interviews are] worth at least half of the book's price [and the] overall index is a godsend. ... Every library featuring books on computing should have this Companion volume, whether or not they have the other books in the series.
As with all Knuth's writings and edited presentations and interviews, the non-lists-and-indexes part of the book is fascinating reading. The list-and-indexes part is up to Knuth's usual perfectionist standards. I am glad I now have this volume on my bookshelf. -- D. Walden (TUGboat, April 2012, page 118)
The problems vary tremendously in their scope and difficulty. The essays are interesting and short so they make their point quickly. The conversations I will discuss later. The list of papers is very nicely annotated. The index is useful if you have all of the other books.
The conversations are fascinating in that they tell much about Donald Knuth and about how computer science has changed. As I was reading them I noted some interesting tidbits for this review; however, that soon became impossible since there was at least one on every page. ... I like this book mostly for the conversations. They really give you insight into the Knuth more than a biography or even an autobiography would ... The book also tells you how things were in the past which is interesting and good to know as we ponder the future. -- William Gasarch, in SIGACT News (June 2014)
The present volume concludes this highly commendable enterprise by providing a combined index to all these volumes, and a complete bibliographical survey on Knuth's books (including all translations), articles (with annotations), reports, transcripts of talks, problems and solutions, reviews, letters, opinions, and more. Also, some short notes have been reprinted here that have not been included in the collected papers. But there is more: In 1996 a series of eleven conversations (with Dikran Karagueuzian, the publisher from CSLI) was recorded, and the transcripts of these interviews are published here for the first time. In a relaxed setting Knuth recollects varied aspects of his private and professional life, which will be appreciated not only by students and historians of computer science (as the publisher hopes). These interviews give a multifaceted picture of the personality of a scientist who has shaped and enriched his field in many ways, and in three dimensions: theory, practice, and fun. -- Volker Strehl, in Mathematical Reviews, MR2905900


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Errata to the First Printing

Errata to the Second Printing

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American Philosophical Society (Class 1), 2012--.
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Doctor of Science, honoris causa, Williams College, 2000.
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append "[CP 21]"
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Bromhead, Edward Thomas Ffrench, CS 58.
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Guth, Alan Harvey, LP 337.
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Tsitsiklis, John Nikolaos, 241.

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