Fantasia Apocalyptica Illustrated

(Stanford, California: Center for the Study of Language and Information, 2018), xiii+255 pages.
ISBN 9781684000449 (paperback)

Donald Knuth spent almost 50 years planning a musical composition that would be based closely on the complete text of the Biblical book of Revelation—also known as Apocalypse (Uncovering). Then he devoted many weekends to actually writing the music; and he decided to incorporate three video tracks that could be shown as part of a performance: one track for the original Greek words and an English translation; one track for images of the story as it is being told; one track for the musical score as it is being played. He commissioned Duane Bibby to create the artwork for track two, the all-important visual interpretation.

This book presents the complete set of Bibby's magnificent images, as they were presented on January 10, 2018 at the world première performance of Fantasia Apocalyptica in Studio Acusticum.

Each image occupies a right-hand page. The corresponding left-hand page contains excerpts from the Greek text, the English text, and the musical notes that go with the artwork. Thus a reader can experience the première performance by perusing this book while listening to the online recordings of the music.

Here's the hype that appears on the back cover:

Artist Duane Bibby brings Donald Knuth's computer-assisted musical “translation” of the biblical Book of Revelation to life in this illustrated edition of Knuth's multimedia work for pipe organ and video, Fantasia Apocalyptica. Each of Bibby's handpainted illustrations captures an associated passage from Revelation, providing not only a vibrant and captivating complement to Knuth's music, but also the mysticism and drama of the Bible. Fantasia Apocalyptica Illustrated is a marvelous addition to the collection of any bibliophile or contemporary music aficionado.

Duane R. Bibby is well known as the illustrator of The TeXbook, The METAFONTbook, and many other texts.

This book can be ordered from the publisher (CSLI), and also from the distributor (University of Chicago Press).


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Here is a list of all nits that have been picked so far in the first printing (2018):

page iv, line 14 (13 October 2018)
change "9871684000449" to "9781684000449"
back cover, line 4 (13 October 2018)
change "Apocalytica" to "Apocalyptica"

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