Mathematics for the Analysis of Algorithms, Third Edition

by Daniel H. Greene and Donald E. Knuth (Boston: Birkhäuser, 1990), viii+132pp.
ISBN 0-8176-3515-7
ISBN 3-7643-3515-7
(Progress in Computer Science and Applied Logic, Volume 1.)

Russian translation of the second edition by B. B. Pokhodzei, edited by Yuri V. Matijasevich, Matematicheskie metody analiza algoritmov (Moscow: Mir, 1987), 120pp.
Japanese translation, in preparation (Kindai Kagaku Sha).

Based on class notes from a graduate course at Stanford. Builds on the fundamentals of combinatorial analysis and complex variable theory to present many of the major paradigms used in the precise analysis of algorithms, emphasizing the more difficult notions, in a format that is terse enough for easy reference yet detailed enough for those with little background. Approximately half of the book is devoted to original problems and solutions from examinations given at Stanford.

Table of Contents:

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... an enjoyable read. The reviewer recommends this book to anyone interested in advanced theory of algorithms and the mathematics behind it, either as an exposition to the topic or as reference material in future work. -- M. Miksa, ACM SIGACT News (June 2011)


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Supplementary material

We originally wanted the third edition to include the midterm and final exam given by A. C. Yao when he taught this course at Stanford in 1984. But when it came time to submit camera-ready copy in 1990 this plan had slipped our minds. The additional material, 24 pages' worth, is now available for downloading, either as a supplementary file in plain TeX format (18K bytes) or as a supplementary file in DVI format (35K bytes).

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