The Stanford GraphBase: A Platform for Combinatorial Computing

by Donald E. Knuth (New York: ACM Press, 1993), viii+576pp.
Co-published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.
ISBN 0-201-54275-7

A list of corrections to all changes made to the first two printings of this book can be found in the file The third printing [summer 2002] corrected all those mistakes and needs the following additional corrections:

page 7, line 8 from the bottom (25 Mar 07)
change "hit" to "hits"
page 188, line 15 (25 Mar 07)
change "chap_name[k]=gb_save_string(str_buf);" to "{ if (str_buf[strlen(str_buf)-1]=='\n') str_buf[strlen(str_buf)-1]='\0'; chap_name[k]=gb_save_string(str_buf); }"
page 238, line 2 from the bottom (21 Oct 08)
change "16-bit" to "4-bit"
page 287, line 8 (25 Mar 07)
change "liberal use use" to "liberal use"
page 338, line 2 (25 Mar 03)
change `gb_graph' to `GB_SORT'
page 385, lines 5 and 6 (28 Jun 04)
delete these lines (the "warning" is pointless)
page 569, line 18 (25 Mar 07)
change "labrea" to "ftp.cs"
page 571, Dijkstra entry (28 Mar 05)
change `Wijbe' to `Wybe'
page 573, Kruskal entry (28 Mar 05)
change `Joseph Bernard' to `Joseph Bernard, Jr.'

Also the descriptions of how to download and install the source files on pages 53--69 are obsolete; correct information appears here.

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