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Wednesday Talks Coming Up

This fall I'll be giving two so-called Computer Musings, one on Wednesday October 29 and another on Wednesday December 3.

I'll also be speaking informally about George Forsythe and the history of Computer Science as part of the ``opening gala'' of Stanford's Computer History Exhibits. (The festivities start at 5:00pm on Wednesday evening November 5, in the Gates Computer Science Building. My talk is at 5:30 in room B01, followed by Gordon Bell at 6:00, and a reception at 6:30.)

On Wednesday November 12, I'll be interviewed ``live'' on a radio show in New York City --- The Personal Computer Show, WBAI-FM --- from 9 to 10 pm. (Topics will be chosen by them and by people who call in!)

Finally, I'll be leading four informal Bible classes at First Lutheran Church, Palo Alto during the coming Advent season. The dates are November 30, December 7, December 14, and December 21, from 9:00 to 10:15am; we'll be discussing topics in my book 3:16. Each Sunday will be independent of the others, so people can attend any subset of the four seesions that they find convenient. An interview about the book will be broadcast on cable TV (Palo Alto channel 6) on December 20 at 2pm.

New Books

Last December I finished preparing a book entitled Selected Papers on Computer Science, which has been published jointly by Stanford's Center for the Study of Linguistics and Information (CSLI) and by Cambridge University Press (CUP). It's now in the Stanford Bookstore (at least), and some people claim that they have purchased it and enjoyed it.

This is the second in a planned series of eight volumes that will contain archival forms of my published papers, together with new material. The first book in the series was Literate Programming; the remaining six will be in preparation at CSLI during the next few years. Their titles will be:

Also, the English translation of my book on Stable Marriage has just come out in paperback. If you're looking for a gentle introduction to mathematical analysis of algorithms, you might enjoy reading these lecture notes, since I certainly enjoyed giving the lectures.

Master Index to the Journal of Algorithms

The Journal of Algorithms, published by Academic Press, recently celebrated the completion of volume 20 by printing a cumulative index to all papers published so far. If you want to see it, you can download one or more of the following three files:

And if you're curious about how I made this index, you can also download a CWEB file for JINDEX, the program which produced most of the TeX file from the raw data.

Note added July 19, 1996: The files above include corrections to the published index that were noticed by David M. Jones. He is presently compiling a wonderful collection of hypertext bibliographies, which I heartily recommend to all computer scientists.

New Editions of The Art Of Computer Programming

I recently completed a project that I started in February, 1994, namely to compile electronic files of updates to Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of The Art of Computer Programming, based on all the marks I had made in my personal copies of those books since 1975. (See the TAOCP page for further details of that work.) When Silvio Levy saw the first draft of those lists, he volunteered to retypeset all three volumes with the new material included, and his massive task is now nearing completion. Furthermore, Jeffrey Oldham volunteered to enhance the illustrations by putting them in MetaPost form. This has made it possible for new editions of Volumes 1--3 to be prepared with a minimum of disruption to my work on Volume 4.

On 5 July 97 I received my copy of the glorious 3rd edition of Volume 1, and exactly four months later I received the even more glorious 3rd edition of Volume 2. Right now I'm applying the final spit and polish to Volume 3 (2nd edition) --- thereby completing the first new editions of these books for more than 15 years.

(Further details can be found in an Addison-Wesley interview about the new editions --- including some pictures. See also the interview.)

Do you know of any errors in the previous editions that don't appear in the errata list for Volume 3? Do you know the middle names of any people cited in those volumes, for whom my information is incomplete? Do you know Arabic or Indian scripts or other exotic languages so that you can help me debug my database of non-latin names? If so, I will greatly appreciate your help as I head into the home stretch of completing these volumes for publication.

If all goes well, I expect to be finished with all three volumes in January. Then I plan to begin finalizing the design of MMIX, a 64-bit RISC computer.

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