A CSID is a unique alphanumeric identifier, similar to your SUNetID, that authenticates users to systems and services unique to the Computer Science Department. You must have a CSID in order to access certain computers, services, and web sites managed by the department, such as:

  • Pedit, where you manage your personal contact information, web page and email forwarding for @cs email accounts.
  • Medit, where you can create and maintain @cs mailing lists.
  • GIN, the Gates Information Network, for room reservations.
  • Shell access to department managed systems in the AI/Robotics Lab, Theory Lab, Xenon and the Myths.

To request a CSID, fill out the form at https://cs.stanford.edu/csid.

To reset your password, please call (650) 725-1451 or drop by Gates 170 during normal business hours (10am - 4pm Monday through Friday). Please bring a photo ID.

Acceptable Use Policy

These policies provide guidelines for use of your CSID on all Computer Science Department computer systems. Failure to abide by these policies puts the user at risk of having his or her CS ID account disabled or removed. These policies are subject to change without notice.

Use of the Computer Science Department computer resources at Stanford University is governed by the Computer and Network Usage Policy (AGM 62), and must comply with all policies outlined therein.


Your password is the most important single aspect of the security of your account.

Easy passwords will not be allowed. Never include your actual password in email -- email is not secure. If you are caught sending your password via email, your CSID will be locked and you will have to speak with us in person to have it unlocked.

If you have a problem with your password, go to Gates rooms 161-170 during business hours. Bring your Stanford photo ID with you, or if you are not on campus you may call 650-725-1451 to have your password reset.

Prohibited Programs

  • Absolutely, no IRC, private HTTP server or any continuously CPU intensive programs are allowed on Xenon or the Pups. Such programs found running will be killed. Repeated abuse will be grounds for an account being disabled and deleted.
  • Homework and sponsored research are not allowed on Xenon or the Pups.
  • Games may be played when there is not a high load. Use good judgment for this. We haven't defined "high" yet.

Access to Resources

Your CS ID is assigned access privileges according to your role withing the Computer Science Department (faculty, staff, or student). For example, a professor in the Stanford AI Lab has access to different computing resources than a CS alumnus.

Access to... Available to...
  • medit
  • pedit
  • Anyone with a relation to the Computer Science Department (staff, faculty, students and alumni), or an office in Gates.
  • Xenon access via ssh
  • Email storage on xenon
  • File storage in AFS
  • CS Students (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD) and alumni. Quotas for active students are currently 100MB AFS / 20MB Mail. For alumni, they are 100MB AFS / 20MB Mail.
  • Sunburn access via ssh
  • Email storage on Sunburn
  • File storage in AFS
  • CS Staff and Faculty only. Email storage on sunburn is not encouraged, rather use the CS IMAP service.
  • Access to AI/Robotics Lab systems
  • Email storage on ai.stanford.edu
  • File storage in AFS
  • Anybody associated with the AI Lab, with faculty approval. File storage in AFS is subject to faculty approval and availability.
  • Access to Theory Lab systems
  • Email storage on theory.stanford.edu
  • File storage in AFS
  • Anybody associated with the Theory Lab, with faculty approval. File storage in AFS is subject to faculty approval and availability.